Re-Siding Your Home

As exterior experts and general contractors in Oregon with more than two decades of combined experience, we offer a white-glove re-siding process both home and business owners can trust. We keep things simple and above-board, and we don’t call the job done until we know without a doubt that your property is watertight and beautiful. Check out a rundown of our basic process and get in touch to learn more and start the re-siding process in your home.

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Removal of the Old Siding — After prepping your property and covering up any necessary sections to ensure everything is treated properly, our team will remove and dispose of the old siding on your structure.

Inspection for Hidden Damages — Aware that your property is more exposed without its siding, we work efficiently and carefully to ensure no time is wasted and no detail is brushed aside. We take this opportunity to examine the parts of your exterior walls that function behind the scenes, looking for damages and weaknesses. If we find any, we repair them fully. If we do come across something, we will tell you why and how it happened and what we can do to help you in the long term.

Waterproofing — Siding doesn't do anything to fully hold the moisture out of your home. Waterproofing is what does 70% of the work. We use an envelope system when waterproofing your home. We use the industries best practices to make sure you and your home stay protected from the elements.

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Energy Efficiency Upgrades — While the siding is off, it’s an incredible opportunity to improve the efficiency of your structure. We will have already gone through options with you and seamlessly move into the upgrade stage while keeping you in the loop. We offer upgrades on siding, windows, and more and will help you choose the option best suited for your home. What better time for home improvement than when you’re in the midst of re-siding?

Siding Installation — Now that we know your home is repaired, waterproofed, and insulated for enhanced efficiency, we install the siding of your choice. Every seam and fastener is fine-tuned for perfection because that’s what counts when the rain is coming down. We show you our workmanship, and when you’re satisfied, we clean up and leave. The only evidence of our presence will be a stronger, more beautiful structure.

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We serve clients all across Oregon, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for your free estimate today.

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