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At Limitless Contracting LLC, our experienced exterior contractors are here to protect your home from the elements — whether they come from the side, or above. Living in the Pacific Northwest, our humid and rainy climate can exploit even the tiniest of exterior damages — including damages to your exterior siding and paint. Whether you need a small, damaged, section of your exterior painted or your entire home painted, our team of exterior contractors is here to take care of you. Simply get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your painting needs and our exterior contracting solutions.

Why Choose Limitless Contracting LLC for Your Painting Project:

  • Peace of mind that the job will be done correctly, efficiently, and effectively

  • We have over 20 years of experience serving homeowners in the Portland area

  • We specialize in home exteriors in the PNW

  • Our goal is to make your home stronger against the elements

  • Our painting services can dramatically enhance curb appeal

  • We offer free project estimates!

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5 Reasons You Need New Exterior Paint:

  • Bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint

  • Moisture stains and mold

  • Fading color

  • You want to change the color

  • Storm damage

Why Choose Limitless Contracting LLC?

While painting might seem like the perfect weekend project, painting the exterior of your home is much more challenging than painting an interior wall. Exterior painting should be weatherproof and applied in such a way that it can withstand exposure to the elements.

For over 20 years, our exterior painting and contracting team has been protecting homes across the entire Pacific Northwest — so we know a thing or two about exterior painting. Let our experienced contractors take care of your home.

Do You Need Exterior Painting?

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, there are many reasons that you might choose to do so. For some, it is because the paint has cracked, bubbled, or began to flake off. Damage like this can expose your siding to future damages. For others, however, it is as simple as wanting to change the color of their home to enhance curb appeal.

Regardless of why you choose to repaint your home, we are here to help. Are you unsure whether or not you need your home exterior painted? Simply get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Serving the Pacific Northwest, you can count on us for exterior painting services that work. Offering painting, roofing, siding, waterproofing, and so much more , we are here to ensure that your home remains protected! Reach out today to get started with a free estimate.

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