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Siding Made Easy in the Pacific Northwest

Here at Limitless Contracting LLC, we serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is simple: help home and business owners with home improvement and ensure their buildings are protected from water and will last for years to come. You can enjoy this and so much more with the help of our team. If you’re ready for watertight workmanship and unparalleled customer service, then it’s time to work with Limitless Contracting LLC.

Why Choose Limitless Contracting LLC for Your Home Improvement?

  • More than 20 years combined experience

  • Attention to detail

  • Diverse services: contracting, waterproofing, siding, roofing, and windows

  • Energy-efficient upgrades for your home

  • Customer service that goes above and beyond

  • Free initial estimate

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Limitless Contracting LLC — General Contracting in Oregon

We believe in performing at an elite level no matter what it is. Because of this, our team has focused on several diverse services instead of so many that we couldn’t be an expert in any single one. If you’re in need of a general contractor in the Pacific Northwest, then contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

What to Look for in a General Contractor

  • Services: When choosing a general contractor, it’s important to make sure they actually offer the services you need. Our general contractors are so much more than a person with broad experience; they’re roofing contractors, siding contractors, and experts in home improvement. Find a contractor who offers the specific service you need.

  • Experience: When you find someone with the service you need, then you should check their experience. How many years have they been in business? How long have they been experts in that particular service? Are they familiar with waterproofing and siding practices in the PNW?
  • Reviews: Next, check their reviews. Consider online testimonials recommendations from your friends and family. One bad review doesn’t mean the end of the world, but repeated complaints certainly could mean it’d be advantageous to find another general contractor.

  • Communication: How well a general contractor communicates with you is an indicator of the kind of service and responsiveness you’ll enjoy during the home improvement process.

  • Commitment to Excellence: Finally, gauge how committed the general contractor appears to be to your project. Trust your instinct and find someone who will treat your home as the prized place it is.

About Us

Led by owner Jacob Samoilov, Limitless Contracting LLC supports Oregon property owners with specialized exterior renovation needs. Thanks to our focus on exteriors, we’re able to offer workmanship at a truly elite level. We’ve perfected our home improvement and siding craft for more than 20 combined years, and we’d love a chance to show you what we can do.

As proud members of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance™ Program, we offer complete excellence when it comes to siding. Our re-siding services empower home and business owners to transform their structures while ensuring they’re protected from the elements. We’re practically obsessive when it comes to ensuring your structure repels all water, which has earned us a reputation for watertight workmanship. We believe that property owners throughout the Pacific Northwest shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

Whether we’re re-siding your business or adding a deck to your home, we make sure that every inch is working together to protect your home and keep water at a distance. We live and breathe exteriors, so we’re familiar with their common weaknesses as well as the way other companies cut corners — and you won’t find that here. We’re the solution for siding, waterproofing, and more. Contact us in Oregon today.

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